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Becoming Attached and the Three Day Rule

Many of the men who travel to the DR for the best lowest price Dominican Republic sex all exclusive vacations form attachments with the women they meet. This is understandable as pay for play in the DR is different from the USA and other places. A lot of the Americans, Canadians and Europeans who come here have never hired a hooker in their home countries, so they don’t understand the true nature of this activity. They don’t realize that this is a business and the girls are always in it purely for the money.

As someone who has hired hookers in the USA long before venturing here for Dominican sex tours, I understand the true nature of this hobby and as such I don’t become attached like many other men who visit. At best I will keep a girl for the night and in the morning I send her on her way. If she performed well I will hire her again but I won’t take her on too many dates or dinners and spend days or weeks with her. Additionally, every girl I hire is replaceable.

The problem with becoming attached to a Dominican girl (or any girl) is that it leaves you vulnerable to being hurt and used. And this is precisely what many women in the DR will do. As you spend more time with them, you will forget that they are in it for the money. Your feelings will begin to cloud your judgment, and this will inevitably lead to mistakes that will cause you great emotional pain. The rule I follow is this:  never spend more than three days with the same chica.