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Beautiful Dominican Ladies of Sosua
Sosua is a small town that can be found in Puerto Plata province. It is about 4 miles away from the Gregorio Luperon
International Airport. Each year, many single male travelers come here to meet Puerto Plata female escorts. These
women are renown for their beauty and charming demeanor. Sosua is split into three sectors, which are El Batey,
Sosua Abajo, and Los Charamicos. There are many activities to see and enjoy here, but you should do it in the
company of Puerto Plata Domincan Republic escorts. This will make the activities even more exciting.

Prior to the 1980s, Sosua was practically unknown among tourists. Sosua Abajo, also known as Lower Sosua, can be
found in the western region of the city in a valley which sits near a river. This river flows into Sosua Bay. For the most
part, Sosua Abajo is rural, and many of the workers who work within El Batey live here, as well as in Cabarete Bay.
A barrio called Los Charamicos can be found in the region between Abajo and El Batey, and it is a dense urban area
which is popular for the nightlife, bars, and dancing. This is where many beautiful Dominican chicas can be found.

Foreign Expats in Sosua

Over the last 30 years, many foreign expats have relocated to Sosua. While many of these expats are from Europe,
others are from the USA and Canada. Sosua Bay is very popular for water sports, and this includes divers. The waters
here are sheltered and calm, and there are many species of fish which can be seen underwater. There are also reefs
here which are quite intricate. During the winter months, whale watching is quite popular. As a result of beach
nourishment, a new beach has been created to the north of Sosua Bay, and sand has been placed in the area
where previously there was only rocks. This new beach is known as Playa Alicia, which is taken from a nearby

There are a few other beaches that can be found at Sosua. The bay at Sosua has a crescent shape, and it is
protected by clear waters as well as coral formations. Some of the other beaches include Waterfront, Paradise
Beach, Playa Chiquita and Playa Imbert. Waterfront beach is the the newest, and was created as a result
of a storm during 2002. Sport fishing is also quite popular here.