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Basic Protection with Dominican Republic Escorts
The Dominican Republic is considered one of the best countries in the Caribbean for an adult vacation. Aside from its location, the locals are generally hospitable and very helpful
to tourists since tourism is a substantial source of income. If you’re here for an adult vacation, you will want to have an intimate experience with one of our sensual companions. However,
you should remember that no country is perfect and you could end up in trouble in the Dominican Republic if you’re not careful. No matter what country you travel to, you must take
the proper precautions, especially if you’re a tourist. When you're not familiar with a new location, getting in trouble is very easy.

Remembering the Basics

The basic rule on safety when in a foreign country applies anywhere, which includes Dominican Republic. For example, be careful where you travel at night. While the Dominican Republic
has a reputation for being a very safe country, like any nation, there are good areas and bad areas. Stay away from the bad areas, especially at night.  Showing off your gadgets,
jewelry and cash in public only attracts unwanted attention from bad elements. It is also best to remain with your companion at all times. She is your only source of information when
you’re not on a resort, and her information on the safe areas of the city will prove to be a valuable component of your stay.

Getting Intimate

Becoming intimate with your companion will always happen during your adult vacation. Your sexy Dominican companion will certainly provide you with a great time that
will be very memorable. At the same time, protection during intimacy is not optional. While we test our ladies regularly, there is no way for us to know whether or not you're STD free.
Although your piece of mind should always be a prerogative, with protection, you can enjoy your intimacy with almost no limitations.

Staying Connected

A great tool in terms of protection in the Dominican Republic is a mobile phone. You can get a decent signal almost anywhere in the country, which can help you get in touch with your
companion or resort. You can ask your current mobile phone provider if they cover the Dominican Republic, but the rates are often expensive since every call would be considered
an international one. Rent a mobile phone so that you can call your hotel anytime if you think you’re in an unfamiliar area. There are affordable cards that you can purchase in many
stores here and our girls carry a mobile phone with them at all times.

Prevention Instead of Reactions

It is important to observe these preventive measures instead of just reacting to trouble. A single undesirable event can ruin your entire vacation and you might lose valuables
along the way. Even with a companion, your mood might not be focused on intimacy because of a traumatic experience. Although you don’t have to be paranoid in the Dominican
Republic, be observant.