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Banking Services in The Dominican Republic
The Caribbean offers sophisticated banking services. For tourists who are traveling to the DR for Dominican Republic all inclusive
adult vacations, they will find that ATMs and banking services are readily available. In fact, the DR has a number of banking
advantages that many tourists will not find in their home countries. When traveling to this country for adult erotic vacations
Dominican Republic, be sure to learn more about the banking services that are available. In this article we will give you an overview.

Tourists who travel to the DR will have no trouble using their debit or credit cards. However, you should always have some cash on
hand when traveling to this country, because once you leave the tourist areas or major cities, debit/credit card machines may not
be widely available. The American dollar and Euro are widely accepted here; however, it would be wiser to convert your dollars or
Euros into Dominican pesos before taking your trip or shortly after your arrival so you can get a much better exchange rate. When
vacationing in the DR myself, what I found is that if you pay in dollars, you will often pay too much.

Dominican Banking

Interest that is earned on locally held accounts is 100% tax free. The reason for this is simply because the interest rates for US currency
deposits will often be higher than other regions. If you are a retiree who wishes to live off your savings, the DR is a country that you
should consider. Time deposits in U.S. dollars here can pay more than 10 percent, and deposits have paid as much as 22 percent in
the Dominican peso. These rates of interest are impossible to receive on dollar accounts held in the USA, and even if you could
get them, they would still be taxed.

Many of the major Canadian and American banks can be found in the DR. If you have US $100,000 or more, it may be possible to
live off the interest you earn on these accounts if you chose to relocate to the Dominican Republic. Overall, the DR offers a lot
in terms of offshore banking, and like many Caribbean nations, it is looking to attract its share of wealthy investors.
You should always speak with a reputable expert before engaging in any form of offshore banking.