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Avoiding Blackmail in the DR as a Single Man

In a previous article I discussed the dangers of married foreign men being blackmailed while vacationing in the DR. In this article I will discuss the risks that single men face. While married men are at greater risk overall, single men are not completely immune. The biggest risk that single guys face when vacationing in the DR is pregnancy blackmail.

How it Works

This technique is very effective against single men who become attached to Dominican women and begin relationships with them. At some point, in order to trap the man, the girl will claim to be pregnant. She could indeed be pregnant by the foreign man OR she could be pregnant by a local man. Regardless, she will try to trap him and get him to pay her money. If he refuses, she can take up the matter with the local authorities, who can take him to court where he will be charged legal fees. The process will continue to drag itself out, and the foreign man will be blocked from leaving the country.

To avoid this scenario, always use a condom. If you choose not to use a condom and she claims she is pregnant, she may be telling the truth. Regardless, take her to a doctor (of your choosing) to verify your paternity or lack thereof. If she is pregnant but it isn’t yours then you’re fine.