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Avoiding Blackmail in the DR as a Married Man

Both single and married men can become targets for blackmail while vacationing in the DR. In previous articles, I warned against becoming attached to Dominican women and sending them money via Western Union. In this article I will reveal the possible consequences of ignoring these warnings as a married man.

Risks for Married Men

Married men are at risk of their spouses finding out about their activities in the DR. Dominican women who have gathered enough information on their clients can turn around and use this info against them. A married foreign man who takes photos with a Dominican girl and sends her money via Western Union may have this info show up on Face Book or other social networking sites. Even worse, if he foolishly records a Dominican couple sex video with the girl, this information may get out as well. This can lead to a costly divorce which may financially ruin the husband, and if employers find out about their employee’s sex vacation, this could potentially lead to the termination of his job.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

Under no circumstances should a married man photograph himself with a chica during his Dominican vacation, and don’t even think about making a sex tape. He should also refuse to send Western Unions as doing so can reveal information that can later be used against him. When traveling in the Dom Rep always use an alias and never provide a woman with your first and last name. Never give her info on your Face Book account or any social networking sites. As I warned readers in previous articles, what happens in the DR should stay in the DR.