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Avoid Becoming a Captain

A Captain, or Captain Save a Hoe, is a dude that tries to “save” prostitutes. These are the guys that come down to the DR and provide the girls with Western Union Payments, with the promise that these girls will remain faithful to them. The truth is that the majority of the girls don’t remain faithful while continuing to receive payments.

A Captain doesn’t understand the nature of the sex tourism business. He visits a Dominican Republic sex site, and then visits the country and falls in love with a whore. He allows his emotions to cloud his judgment. He ignores or gets angry at his buddies who warn him. In the end, he becomes a sucker, played like a video game by the girl.

When it comes to play for pay, there is no love. There is no emotion. There are no feelings, and any romance which seems to exist is nothing more than a mirage. The girls are in it for the money and the men are in it for the sex. Unless you want to be played by a Dominican sex hustler, then this is advice you should take to heart.