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Available Sex in Dominican Republic

The Dom Rep is known for its thriving sex industry, which is considered the largest in the Caribbean. This is especially true for the coastal cities which cater to tourists. Young women from around the country will journey to these areas in order to meet foreign men and make money. Sex in the DR is diverse, and comes in many forms. The most common is street prostitution, in which women will walk the streets or lounge around in nearby bars looking for clients.

Another form of sex in the DR is the brothels/sex clubs, which have recently come under attack by the government. Many of these establishments have been shut down because they are the easiest businesses to target, whereas street prostitutes are much harder to deal with. The brothels were the preferred choice of many tourists, particularly those that wanted sex without hassle in a safe environment.

The third form of sex which is available in the DR is online adult vacation services. These businesses will advertise themselves exclusively on the Internet, and are distinct from brothels in that although they operate in the DR, they have no physical address in the country.  Their girls are screened, and do not walk the streets. Because these services have no physical address, it is very difficult for the government to shut them down. Clients arrange appointments with these services via the Internet, and the girls meet them at the airport when they arrive, or are transported to their hotel via the driver.

The owner of the adult vacation business will rarely meet with their clients directly, and may or may not live in the DR. In terms of prices, street prostitutes in the DR are the cheapest, while the brothels are a bit more expensive. The online adult vacation businesses are the most expensive of the three, though their prices are still much lower than one would pay for adult entertainment in the USA or Europe.