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All-Inclusive Erotic Companion Resorts Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is an island nation that is renown for its many resorts, which number into the hundreds. When traveling here for an adult vacation, it is important to
pay close attention to the resort you choose to use. Many of the upscale resorts, such as Cap Cana, are aware of the adult entertainment industry in the DR, and are very
strict when it comes to "overnight guests." Many patrons who travel to the Dominican Republic make the mistake of making their reservations "before" contacting us, and when
they finally contact us they are often disappointed to learn that our girls can't visit them at their resort because of its policies.

If you're planning a vacation to the Dominican Republic, we highly recommend contacting us "before"you make your resort reservations. When it comes to all-inclusive erotic companion
resorts Dominican Republic, we work with a number of resorts that are adult entertainment friendly, and this means that they will allow the girls in with little trouble. While you're
welcome to make your own reservations and stay in any resort you want, we still recommend contacting us first because we have a knowledge of the country that most tourists
don't have, and we know which resorts and hotels will allow overnight guests, and which ones won't.

Even though many of hotels in the DR will allow guests, it is important to remember that many will charge you extra for this. This amount is usually not much, it will typically be $10
extra per night depending on the rating of the hotel(this fee generally applies to three star hotels). If you're dealing with a five star resort like Cap Cana, they have a tendency to be
very strict when it comes to guests. The reason for these restrictions is because many tourists to the DR, who choose to hire street girls, are often surprised and astounded at how
rowdy they can become, and these women have totally destroyed hotel rooms, costing the hotel a large amount of money.

The "guest fee" that many hotels in the DR charge is a type of insurance policy that allows them to cover any damages that may result from your "overnight guest." Of course, this
doesn't apply to our girls, since Red Diamond Girls is a high quality agency and we screen our girls carefully to make sure they don't behave in this manner. Regardless, if you're using
a resort or hotel other than the ones we feature, you will still be required to pay this guest fee. There are six resorts that we work with in the country, and every one of these resorts
has a five star rating.