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Adult Caribbean Travel for Seniors Looking for Fun and Relaxation

Each year, millions of people travel south for fun in the sun, and adult Caribbean travel has become popular among many people, particularly seniors. One reason why this region is
popular is because it is sunny all year round, which means you can head down here when it starts snowing back at home. An additional reason why the Caribbean has become a
hot destination is because of the adult entertainment. Many men are traveling to countries such as Jamaica, Barbados, Puerto Rico, and Cuba in order to spend time with
stunning women. However, one of the most popular of these Caribbean countries is the Dominican Republic.

For the most part, the adult entertainment industry in the Caribbean is largely undeveloped. Unlike escort agencies in North America and Europe, a large percentage of the
adult entertainment businesses in the Caribbean are unorganized. Many escort agencies don't have websites, and even those that do tend to have only a small number of girls.
Many of the independent girls in the Caribbean are little more than street walkers who sell their bodies to tourists for the lowest possible price. In many Caribbean nations, this
has created a seedy environment which is alien to those looking for upscale adult Caribbean travel.


Many of the seniors who travel to the Caribbean have large amounts of money, and they are looking for five star adult entertainment. Unfortunately, many of them are disappointed
to learn that there are few escort agencies in the region which offer a truly high quality of service. This is why Red Diamond Girls was formed. We are the first five star escort agency
to be established in the Caribbean, and we operate at a level which rivals the best that Europe or North America has to offer. Our girls are gorgeous and the quality of our service is
extraordinarily high. For example, Red Diamond Girls is the first agency in the Caribbean where our girls meet you at the airport when you arrive, should you request it.


Our agency also has more than 30 girls, making us the largest agency in the region. When you measure an escort agency, you can tell a lot by looking at the number of girls who
work for the organization. If an agency only has a handful of girls, it shows that the owners either do not know how to manage the business, they are new, or they treat their
girls poorly. When you encounter an agency like ours, which has as many girls as we have, it is testament to care and treatment we provide to our ladies.


We are also one of the few escort agencies to require advance deposits prior to clients using our services. Advance deposits are normally required by porn stars or other high
end escorts, and most agencies in the Caribbean allow its customers to pay up front, just before the session starts. In contrast, we require our customers to pay 33.3% of the
price up front, and we do this because our agency is a five star service which stands out from the crowd. Those who choose to use our service quickly realize that there is little
to compare between us and the competition. There is Red Diamond Girls and then there is everyone else. We advise you to choose us for your next adult Caribbean travel.