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Adult Caribbean Cruises in the Dominican Republic
A cruise is a great way to enjoy the Caribbean and if you’re looking for adult-themed entertainment, an adult Caribbean cruise definitely improves the experience. Aside from
enjoying the beautiful Caribbean, your stay will be very memorable. The cruise ships have five star restaurants which serve excellent food, and the activities, the scenery and the
companionship should never be missed when you have the chance. Part of enjoying the cruise is choosing the right room for your vacation. Although they all offer the fun
and memorable experiences, these rooms are made to cater to many clients with specific needs.
Interior Staterooms
An interior stateroom is the smallest type of room in an adult Caribbean cruise. But don’t think that you’ll be cramped in this room. It’s still a spacious room – 144 square feet
which is more than enough to accommodate basic needs in your room and more. As the name suggests, the interior stateroom is located inside the cruise ship which means
the view of the ocean is limited. This setting is perfect for those who just want to enjoy the cruise ship with intimacy on a budget.
Exterior Staterooms
The exterior stateroom is more than just the outer rooms in the cruise ship. This type of room offers a great view of the Caribbean and the room is more spacious.
The exterior stateroom has an area of 154 square feet which adds more room for you. If you’re looking for an amazing view of the Caribbean without
really breaking your budget, then this type of room is for you.
Balcony Staterooms
This type of room is definitely for those who want more than just a romantic view of the ocean. Enjoy the Caribbean by having a personal balcony in your room.
The room is also wider – 195 square feet which could accommodate a small party. The additional balcony is measured at 41 square feet which is more than
enough for a table setting. With this type of room, you have the option of eating your breakfast with your companion on the balcony.
Junior Suite Staterooms
This is the ultimate room in the adult Caribbean cruise package; the junior suite stateroom is everything that you ask for and more. This wide 241 square foot-room will make
you feel like you are at home and not just in a room. Complementing the room is a patio with a floor area of 64 square feet. It’s practically a property inside the cruise ship.
This type of luxury will make you think twice about leaving the Caribbean cruise after one week.
Versatile with Impressive Amenities
Each room in the Caribbean cruise ship can be fitted according to the preferences of the client. For instance, you can have one large bed or two twin beds, but the really impressive
feature is the amenities: private bath, phone, TV, a beautiful table set and additional sets if you’re on junior suite or balcony stateroom. There will always be an
appropriate room for those of any budget or preferences. These rooms offer both elegance and a romantic mood.