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Adult Caribbean Cruise With Dominican Escorts - The Ultimate Luxury
Until very recently, the Caribbean was seen as a second rate region for adult entertainment, a place where people traveled for sex, but the type of seedy,
low quality sex which was popular more for its rock bottom prices than for anything else. With the formation of Red Diamond Girls, this has changed forever.
True to its name, Red Diamond Girls is a rare diamond in a region which is largely comprised of mediocrity. Those travelers who have chosen to pay more for
excellence have been greatly rewarded. Perhaps the best example of our superior service is our gorgeous women, our five star resorts, and our impeccable service.

Yes, that is correct, Red Diamond Girls is the first escort agency in the Caribbean to offer its patrons a five star experience. Imagine being on a cruise ship,
looking at the gorgeous blue waters of the Caribbean sea, while a lovely Latina rests her head on your shoulders. Imagine dining at one of the restaurants on board,
staring across the table at one of our girls, wondering how you ever managed to become so lucky. This is the type of experience that you can enjoy while in the Caribbean.
Cruises are available where you get to travel around the Caribbean, and you can do so in style.
 A Caribbean cruise is the ultimate luxury package, and it is offered to those patrons who want the best that money can buy. These cruises are typically reserved for executives, celebrities,
and wealthy expats who are looking to enjoy their hard earned wealth. When booking a cruise in the DR, keep in mind that a variety of different staterooms are available. These staterooms range
from the Junior suite stateroom to the Balcony stateroom. As the name implies, the Balcony stateroom features a balcony, and has a total size of 195 square feet. It also comes with a
minibar, a private bathroom, and a television which is closed circuit. Imagine making love to a beautiful lady while looking out over the balcony at the spectacular ocean scenery.
 This is just one of the many luxuries that you can have while in the Caribbean, and we are the only escort agency in the Dominican Republic which offers a world class experience. Caribbean
cruises have become very popular, and despite its high price, it is reserved for those who want nothing short of the best. Many people enjoy cruises simply because they get to see
a bunch of islands within the Caribbean in a matter of weeks. You can travel to Aruba, St. Maarten, Martinique, and Dominica. Cruises are available at different times of the year, so it is
important to make your reservations in advance.