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                    Red Diamond Girls: When Only The Best Will Do
      We are an upscale agency that caters to upscale clients. We offer a level of adult entertainment which allows us
      to stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for the ultimate Dominican Republic escort resort, where you get to
      spend time with the hottest ladies that the Caribbean has to offer, then Red Diamond Girls should be your agency
      of choice. There is a reason why many of our clients fly halfway around the world to use our service.....because we
      provide a level of adult entertainment that they can't find at home.
      Here are just a few of the things that we can provide you with during your stay:
      All inclusive adult holidays where we cater to your needs from the moment of your arrival until the
      moment of your departure. We also offer a diverse selection of tours and excursions for our clients.
      Stunning Dominican escorts who have supermodel good looks and down to Earth dispositions. Our lovely
      escorts will add a new dimension to your trip. Spend time with our ladies in five star resorts
      High end resorts that feature a backdrop of beautiful white beaches with crystal blue seas. Our Dominican
      Republic escort resort will pamper you.
      Complete Discretion - you get to spend time with your companion in a private setting. 
  Whether you're traveling to the Caribbean for business or for pleasure, our escort service is designed to ensure that you enjoy yourself during your stay. However, unlike many escort
  agencies, we don't offer our services to just "anyone." While most escort agencies provide their services to anyone who has the money, we require potential clients to go through a
  screening process prior to using our service. Just having the money isn't enough to ensure you can become one of our elite patrons. The good news is that this screening process is
  quick and easy. For more information, contact us
  Our goal is to make sure our clients get complete satisfaction, and to ensure this, we operate with a high level of professionalism. The escort resorts, girls, and cruises are just a
  component of this. When you use our service, you will find that we offer a first class experience, where you will be treated to the time of your life. What has worth is worth paying
  for. Never cut corners with excellence.